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Renting or buying a home in UAE: which is preferable


Renting is one of the most popular options for those who are just starting in a new city. But it is not always the best option.

Admin 1 August 2022

If you are looking to settle down and have a family, buying a home is your best bet. The cost of rent in the UAE can be quite high and renting may not be a sustainable option for long-term living. You will also need to pay for utilities such as electricity, water, and internet connections, which can be expensive too. Buying your bedspace in Abu Dhabi will give you more freedom and flexibility regarding choosing where you want to live as well as how much you want to spend on rent or mortgage payments every month.

In any scenario, investing in real estate in the UAE may be one of your best financial decisions. Here is to guide you in deciding whether to make the plunge and purchase your home or stay a renter in this rapidly expanding nation. Let's start the discussion on renting vs. owning.

Aspects of Renting vs Owning Property:

Let's start with a few things to consider while deciding whether to rent or buy a home in the country. These will enable you to compare them favourably while keeping in mind your objectives and current situation.

How much time do you intend to spend in the country?:

Evaluate your short-term goals before devoting any more time to deciding whether you should rent or purchase your house in the UAE. Do you expect to stay in the UAE for at least the next five years? With all the expenses associated with purchasing a home, you must assess if you'll stay there long enough to justify owning an apartment or villa there. Renting a house in the UAE can be a better option if you just want to remain for a few years or aren't quite sure of your intentions. It gives you greater freedom to relocate to a new nation and is often a smart choice if you want to take things as they come. You just need to provide three months' notice to leave the house and go on your future journey.

Financial circumstances:

The price of purchasing a home in Dubai is among the most crucial aspects to take into account while making a choice. The choice to purchase real estate gets a little bit simpler for people who have pretty constant employment and a consistent source of income. This is relevant in several ways when renting a home in the UAE. You assume the risk of a tenancy agreement while considering your financial situation. If you don't end up living in the property you've bought and have fully paid for your investment, you may always put your property up for rent and keep the monthly rent income. Rent can be used to make your monthly repayments if you have a mortgage to purchase your home.


Examining the real estate market before investing makes smart business sense. The UAE real estate market is now in buyers' favour, with good ROI being recorded throughout the emirates. The yearly real estate reports for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and the Northern Emirates indicate a constant ROI on property investment despite declining rentals and prices based on listings. Being informed of the most recent market circumstances might help you decide whether to rent or buy a home. The UAE real estate industry is prime for investors since prices have decreased. Consider the current state of the real estate market and pricing trends while making your choice.

Bedspace for Expats in Dubai

The most important consideration when deciding whether to rent or purchase a home in the UAE is how long you want to remain there. If you're one of the many people who have grown to call it home, do the computation and research the market before buying a property in the lucrative UAE real estate market. However, if you don't know where you'll be in a year and want the freedom to migrate to another nation, just rent a lovely house until you know for sure what the future holds.

We hope this has given you a better understanding of what's involved and what to think about when determining where you stand in the renting vs. owning argument. Not sure where to begin? Start by looking up which regions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi have the best returns on investment for vil. If you decide to purchase property in Dubai, be sure you are informed of the legal procedures. Regardless of where you land on the "rent or purchase" choice, if you are seeking to rent or buy property in the UAE, or searching for some finest bedspace or honeymoon packages Dubai, reach for a reputed consulting agent in the UAE and locate your new home.